Ordination Information
Are you called?

We offer ordination for those who feel called to the ministry.

Please read the information below and contact us with any questions.

Ordination Information

If you are interested in being ordained to the ministry for reasons other than ministering in God’s Word than you have come to the wrong place!

We do not grant bogus degrees nor do we attempt to defraud people out of their money. We do not accept the idea that there are wedding ministries or that it is alright to defraud the government and people by using a questionable minister’s license. Ordination is for men that feel they have been called according to God’s purpose to minister to God’s people and to evangelize to the world.

We require interested candidates for ordination to hold to The Heidelberg Catechism, The Westminster Larger Catechism, The Westminster Shorter Catechism, The Belgic Confession, The Westminster Confession, The Canons of Dordt and The Ecumenical Creeds.

We ask that an interested candidate first e-mail us with his intent to apply for ordination and with his circumstances that has brought him to this point. We require each candidate to fill out an application for ordination. The applicant must submit a short thesis (study) on the subject of the sovereignty of God in salvation and the inability of man to save himself. The applicant must also submit a complete sermon on any subject they wish. All of the information will help us in determining the applicant’s qualifications and preparation to the ministry. We will contact the applicant by e-mail upon receiving and reviewing the information.

We do not require a seminary or college degree for ordination. In spite of the popular thought that a man must go to seminary to be a valid minister there are great opportunities for the lay minister to serve God and His sheep. We understand that because of time, money or location etc. That seminary or college is not always an option. There are no short cuts to understanding God’s Word and His service. But there are scenarios in which ministers cannot attend seminary or college. There are also locations where there are no reformed ministries and the lay minister may need to take on this work. We also understand that there is the possibility of the need in an area for Christians to start a new reformed ministry because of doctrine or the stance that an established denomination may have taken. Our goal is to help those who feel called to the ministry but may not meet the standards of other reformed denominations because of a perceived lack of formal training.

Each minister that has been ordained must stay in contact with the ERCA office annually using our ministry update form. Failure to do so will result in suspension and eventually the license will be revoked.

The ERCA does reserve the right to deny anyone ordination that does not meet the qualifications of a minister according to God’s Word and the ERCA ordination board.

The ERCA does reserve the right to suspend or revoke ordination license to those individuals that have either given false information on their applications or have taught or acted contrary to the prescribed life of a minister according to the Word of God as determined by ERCA.

The ERCA will not be liable legally or financially for the actions of ordained ministers or their ministries as each ministry and minister must seek God for guidance in their service.

Each ministry will be separate in their own business affairs and God and He alone will determine how they should proceed in their service to Him and they are not an agent for ERCA.

If you have any question please email info@ercaweb.org